Natural highlights with dimension and blended roots, face framing highlights and brighter ends. Starts at $550 return clients/$600 for new clients


Maintaining previous Lived In color work after 3-4 months of grow out. Starts at $450 return clients/$500 for new clients

Heavy foil work, blonde to the root, less dimension, more levels of lift. Starts at $600

Maintaining previous classic blonde work after 2-3 months of grow out. Starts at $400

mini highlight

10-15 foils around the face for money piece or face frame) return clients only. Starts at $350



As each install is unique and customized to each client, the price varies for initial hair purchase and install depending on how many rows. Pricing will be discussed during consultation. 

Extension maintenance does not include shampoo, blow dry or toner. Any add-ons must be booked separately. Always come with clean, dry hair. 

extension maintenance

$395 for 1 row
$695 for 2 rows
$895 for 3 rows
$200 for any additional mini row
$200 per row for 3rd and 4th row

add ons

hair cut

starts at $250


Just the dead ends cut off the bottom. Starts at $85

toner with blow dry

starts at $200

what to expect

during YOUR appointment

Extensions are installed on dry hair. Since we are not washing first, always come with clean hair. The timing will be different for everyone depending on how much hair is being installed, but it’s safe to expect to spend a long time in the salon. 

The sections are carefully chosen, the beads carefully placed and the stitching has to be perfect! Brand new hair also needs to be colored and cut for the most natural look. This takes hours to achieve so plan meals and maybe bring a book. 


after YOUR appointment

Expect to commit to getting your extensions maintained every 8 weeks. 
Having extra hair will add extra time to your styling routine, so make sure to factor that into your decision to get extensions.  

Lastly, you can expect to be IN LOVE with your hair. You can absolutely create the hair of your dreams with extensions and I’m here to help you with that.