after care


Brush thoroughly throughout the day.

Hold the base of extensions while you brush, or put your fingers over to protect. Always brush tangles from the bottom and work your way up. 

Always brush thoroughly and brush out every knot or tangle. If you do not brush thoroughly, extensions can get matted which can cause damage to your own hair as well as the extensions, making them impossible to reuse. 

Use an extension brush with metal bristles. 


Blowdry the base all the way after washing to avoid swelling of the weft, which can cause them to to be unsafe to reinstall. 

Wash less often, try only washing the hair that’s on top of the highest row. 

Use oil daily on the extensions
Use a deep conditioner every time you wash


Brush thoroughly before going to sleep. This is a great time to add oils to the extensions.

Braid at night. Two french braids is the most secure but one single three strand braid will also work. Secure with a Silk Scrunchie. 

Cover with a Silk Scarf or use a Silk Pillowcase or both. 
Never go to sleep with wet hair.


Use professional products that are approved for extension use. I recommend: 
Goldie Locks Products (Shop Here with my discount code)
Hair Oil 
Iles Formula Shampoo and Conditioner 
Detangling Brush/Extensions brush
Silk Pillowcase & Scrunchies

Do not use purple shampoo on extensions
Do not use dry shampoo on extensions 

in the sun

Avoid sunscreen containing Oxybenzone and Avobenzone. These ingredients cause a chemical reaction which leaves the extensions stained pink or orange. This can not be removed. 

Avoid Chlorine. This can leave the extensions discolored, darker, tangled, matted and/or damaged. It is best to not get your hair wet if possible when swimming in a chlorine pool. 

Avoid salt water. If you do go in salt water, prep the hair by wetting and adding a deep leave in conditioner prior. Keep a detangling brush and conditioner with you to brush and detangle throughout the day for a beach day. 

Are extensions right for me?

Hand Tied extensions are great for almost everyone! Because we each have unique qualities about our hair and routine, an in person consultation is required to determine if extensions are right for you and your lifestyle. 


Not exactly. Each set of extensions is unique in length, rows, and number of wefts. All those factor into the price and it is impossible to know the right amount for you without an in person consultation so we can feel the hair density. A new set of extensions is an investment in yourself, trust me, you do not want to rush it or skimp your experience by skipping this part. 

If you’ve had extensions previously and you know exactly what you want in terms of length, rows and wefts - please reach out directly to 917-451-6149 to book without a consultation. 

Is my hair long enough? 

Extensions look the best on hair that is at least collar bone length. If you aren’t there yet, that doesn’t mean you can’t get extensions, it could just mean that you can't go as long as you want. Send pictures of your length and goal or book a consultation to discuss your goals. 

Is my hair TOO FINE?

As long as there is enough hair to lay over the weft, you can get extensions. The extensions are super light weight and non damaging so any hair type can wear. 


Your set of extensions that you purchase with your install are reusable. You will need to get them maintained every 8 weeks. The hair itself will need to be replaced every 6-12 months, depending on home care. 

Can I change my hair color?

Extensions can be colored for a perfect match to each client, however big changes are not recommended and extensions cannot be bleached. So if you are planning a big change to your hair color, its best to get new extensions and start fresh. 


No. Extensions are not recommended for swimmers because of the chlorine. 

I workout everyday, can I still get extensions?

Yes. Sweat or oil does not negatively impact extensions. 

Is it damaging?

IBE Extensions are non damaging! They are secured with silicone lined beads and string, which is removed easily with no damage. They are installed using no tension or pulling on the hair. 

I wash my hair every day, is that ok?

It's not recommended (or necessary) to wash the extensions daily. You can wash just the top of the hair instead of the whole head. It would be pretty time consuming to wash and blowdry your extensions everyday. 


They are very comfortable and light. Some people find them to be a little uncomfortable for the first day or two. 

Can I still wear my hair up?

Yes, you can!