Following home care instructions for extensions is recommended. Extensions can cause severe damage and hair loss if maintenance is not kept up and home care is not followed properly. The stylist and salon are not responsible for any damage that may occur. In the event that the extensions do get matted, there will be an additional hourly based charge added to the appointment to remove.

The stylist and salon are not responsible for any part of the extension coming loose or coming out after the client leaves the salon. Adjustments or repairs can be requested at the clients expense.

The stylist is a licensed technician who will try their best to create desired results, but there is no guarantee this will be achievable.

Services rendered are Non Refundable, since Stylist has carefully consulted and invested labor and product in providing an agreed upon service.



We do not accept returns


Refunds will NOT be provided for any reason. Adjustments at the discretion of the stylist can be requested within one week of the service date. 


Late arrivals of more than 30 minutes that prevent us from accommodating the service will be considered a no-show. If partial service can be accommodated, you will still be responsible for the full price of the original service booked. An additional fee will be added if lateness results in the stylist working late. These policies are in place to protect our stylists' income and cover overhead costs. By booking this appointment, you assume full responsibility for any missed appointments for any reason.

Cancellation or rescheduling of appointments within 24 hours will result in a 100% service fee, while cancellations within 72 hours will incur a 50% service fee. These fees are non-refundable and cannot be applied to future appointments. To cancel, please use the confirmation email or text 917-451-6149 at least 72 hours before the appointment. For appointments over 4 hours or new hair extension installs, a minimum of 7 days notice is required. 


In order to be able to perform the services booked effectively, and to be fair to other clients, there will be a late fee automatically added to your service after the 15 minute grace period of $50 every 30 minutes. Depending on the time of your appointment, if it affects the other appointments booked that day, your appointment will be rescheduled and a 100% of service booked fee will apply.